Journaling PictureToday’s post will be short, but I just wanted to encourage all of you to journal. I always thought journaling was girly but then I tried it and it enhanced my life greatly. So whether you are a male or female it does not matter! Journaling is often thought as writing down feelings and keeping them hidden from the world. Of course this is one way to journal but that is not all it consists of. Journaling is simply writing. There is no perfect format to journaling.

The reason I recommend journaling is because it slows down the mind and helps it focus in on what it is writing about. Plus, having written accounts of things is always better than thoughts because thoughts often end up getting lost. When I journal I either write down goals that I have or I write down what I learned that day in my Bible reading. It is seriously that basic. I do this because it holds me accountable with my goals and allows me to look back on what I learned each day from my time spent in God’s Word.

You can journal about anything. It could be about things that went on in your day, something you are learning about, goals, ideas, anything. Give it a try and see how much more focused and relaxed you feel. I guarantee you will love it. If you have missed my last three posts take a look!

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