Time For A Second look is all about helping its readers reevaluate where they are at in their lives and giving them helpful tips, information, inspiration and motivation to be their best each and everyday. One of the ways you can learn to be your best (it is a learning process) is to invest in yourself! I have already touched on the subject of investing in yourself through the Audiobooks article I published, but that is just one aspect out of many of how you can invest in yourself. I am posting on this subject because in today’s world, investing in yourself gets so overlooked and forgotten. So lets dive into the subject matter a little bit more.

When I use the term successful I mean one who is at the top of a field, job, family role etc. that is performing at a level where they are close to maximizing their potential. People who are successful always always always invest in themselves! They are willing to spend money on themselves even when money is tight because they know it will pay off! They read books written by exerts on whatever it is they want to learn about or improve on. They go out of their way to subscribe to reports, magazines, newsletters and research that they feel will take them to the next level in their occupations, goals and relationships with others. People who invest in themselves are willing to be humble and learn from anyone, because they know that there is always someone out there who is better than them. They seek mentorship and join groups so that they have a access to a large database of knowledge.

Attending seminars or taking a training course is another way a person could invest in themselves. Again, most of these cost some money but they are worth it if you are serious about self improvement. People who invest in themselves realize that there is so much information that they don’t know about that can help them be much better. Education is an on going process and the second a person decides to stop learning and think that they know enough is the second they will be stuck where they are at for the rest of their life. In just about every aspect of life, whether it be teaching, business, fatherhood, motherhood or art there are tons of ways to invest in yourself to make improvements. If you are serious about becoming the best you can be you will get serious about investing in yourself. Do whatever it takes! Life is short and it is not worth it to give anything less than your best! For any questions please contact me! Also, if you missed my last post on Money Matters be sure to check it out!