Audiobooks… sounds like a pretty boring topic to blog about huh? Trust me I understand. I once thought audiobooks were about the most boring and pointless thing known to mankind ever. Wow was I wrong! Did you know if the average person listened to an audio book every time they got in the car for an entire year, the amount of information that person would acquire would be equivalent to the amount of information one would learn in a semester taking courses at a college. Pretty crazy eh?

So, with that said, don’t underestimate the power of knowledge through audiobooks. I did for so long and I regret it. Now, every time I get in my car and drive to work I am listening to an audiobook. And no, I am not listening for fun I am listening to better myself, which after awhile becomes so fun! Leaders are readers, there is no arguing that statement. It is hard to read though because it is time consuming. In today’s world it is often hard to find time to even sit down and grab a bite to eat let alone read a book. That is why audiobooks are life savers! You can do two things at once! You can listen to a book while driving, while going for a run, while working out or going for a bike ride. There can’t be any excuses anymore when it comes to reading and learning. Just listen, learn and apply.

You are probably thinking, “well what should I start listening to?” Great question! There is nothing wrong with reading fiction or reading for enjoyment, but it does not better. Yes it can help you relax and get lost in a story, but it doesn’t improve your skill set, knowledge base or who you are as a person. Find an audio book that covers a topic that you are passionate about! A book that specifically offers knowledge that you can apply to some area of your life to make you a better human being. Audiobooks under the category of personal development are the only ones I read. Personal development books are prevalent for every category of life: investing, sales, business in general, relationships with people, relationship with God, sports, teaching, having an impact on others, the list goes on and on. The point is, there are so many things we don’t know in life. Might as well learn from other people and become better ourselves! Remember, when you read a book you are being mentored by the person who wrote it. Choose what you put in your brain carefully.

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Here is a great book to start listening to. It will change your life.

As I said previously, audiobooks have changed my life. I would not be the same person I am today if it were not for them. Take advantage of the sections in your day where you do not have to use your brain. Instead of just drooling, listen to something that you think you are passionate about and that can help you improve! If you want to be your best self you need to push your yourself and constantly be obtaining knowledge that you can apply to areas of your life! If you want some suggestions for some great books to listen to, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to help.