Money Matters

Did you know that 1 out of every 10 verses in the gospel (books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) has to do with money! That truly does show its importance. Whether you are a christian or not, the Bible’s teachings are authoritative and helpful. There are over 2000 verses in the bible about money. It obviously matters. I retrieved the following points when a business owner/partner in Spokane, WA invited me to his church.


Money matters in a number of big ways.

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Journaling PictureToday’s post will be short, but I just wanted to encourage all of you to journal. I always thought journaling was girly but then I tried it and it enhanced my life greatly. So whether you are a male or female it does not matter! Journaling is often thought as writing down feelings and keeping them hidden from the world. Of course this is one way to journal but that is not all it consists of. Journaling is simply writing. There is no perfect format to journaling.

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7 Success Tips For Driven Entrepreneurs.

I love entrepreneurship and am very fond of the idea of creating things, being in charge and having the ability to truly chase your dreams. I have had an entrepreneurial mindset since my early high school years. Right out of high school while in college I started my very own limousine business (check it out here It is just the way I was wired. For all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, here are several great tips I can offer that will surely help you experience more success (I live by them). I guarantee it. For those who aren’t entrepreneurs yet are still motivated and driven, these concepts are still very applicable to you so if you haven’t already, don’t skip over this article!

1. Challenge Yourself Everyday. Simple as that. Partake in activities that push you whether it be a physical one such as working out or a mental one such as listening to an audiobook. The more you challenge your body and mind the easier it will be to overcome difficulties and obstacles that take place in your business.

2. Make Sure You’re Passionate. If you want to be an entrepreneur or continue to do so please know that it isn’t easy. If you are going to pour every ounce of your blood, sweat and tears into a business or an idea, make sure it is something you care about with every fiber of your being. Otherwise it will not be worth your time and there will be a good chance that you will give up.

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Invest In Yourself!

Time For A Second look is all about helping its readers reevaluate where they are at in their lives and giving them helpful tips, information, inspiration and motivation to be their best each and everyday. One of the ways you can learn to be your best (it is a learning process) is to invest in yourself! I have already touched on the subject of investing in yourself through the Audiobooks article I published, but that is just one aspect out of many of how you can invest in yourself. I am posting on this subject because in today’s world, investing in yourself gets so overlooked and forgotten. So lets dive into the subject matter a little bit more.

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Multiple Income Streams

This is a concept most lower and middle class folks have no clue about even though it is not in anyway a secret. Multiple income streams are what make people wealthy. If you want to be financially free, you NEED multiple streams of income flowing into your bank account. This does not mean only give 20% of your effort in 5 different areas. It means give 100% at an idea, job, investment or concept and helping it flourish. Once it is generating you income, continue to help it grow but move on to building something else that will add to your cashflow!

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Audiobooks… sounds like a pretty boring topic to blog about huh? Trust me I understand. I once thought audiobooks were about the most boring and pointless thing known to mankind ever. Wow was I wrong! Did you know if the average person listened to an audio book every time they got in the car for an entire year, the amount of information that person would acquire would be equivalent to the amount of information one would learn in a semester taking courses at a college. Pretty crazy eh?

So, with that said, don’t underestimate the power of knowledge through audiobooks. I did for so long and I regret it. Now, every time I get in my car and drive to work I am listening to an audiobook. And no, I am not listening for fun I am listening to better myself, which after awhile becomes so fun! Leaders are readers, there is no arguing that statement. It is hard to read though because it is time consuming. In today’s world it is often hard to find time to even sit down and grab a bite to eat let alone read a book. That is why audiobooks are life savers! You can do two things at once! You can listen to a book while driving, while going for a run, while working out or going for a bike ride. There can’t be any excuses anymore when it comes to reading and learning. Just listen, learn and apply.

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Howdy Folks!

I’m not actually a cowboy, but I just wanted to say in a friendly way “hey” since this is my first post on the new website, There is going to be so much good stuff coming to you soon!

Greatness is an overused word. Most people live life going through the motions. They want to experience greatness but they don’t know how. We were created to give our all in everything we do. It is not easy to strive to be your best self each and every day, but it is satisfying and extremely fulfilling.

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